Rule 1 – if there is only one piece of advice

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IF there was only one piece of advice I could give anyone going to interview – whether it be a seasoned candidate or a young person going for a first job or Uni place – it is just two words: be yourself.

As always with simple advice, though, there is far more to this than meets the eye so I urge you to read on.

Perhaps you are reading this at home or maybe on an iPad in the local coffee shop and wondering what  sort of advice is “be yourself” – who else are you ever going to be?

This has two parts.

Firstly: have you ever been on the radio or even filmed on TV? The first time for me was on, the now defunct, BBC Radio Gwent back in 1986 speaking on behalf of a Government Minister. It was a recorded interview rather than live. Needless to say I tuned in later to hear myself. Well, they must have interviewed some other idiot because the mumbling stumbling fool they had on the tape certainly didn’t sound like me. Even so, it was.

Being under “the spotlight” brings out the jitters in almost all of us; and those it it does not are to be mistrusted, so be happy with your concern – it’s natural.

There are actors who have been in countless plays and known for their performing skills world-wide and who are literally physically ill before stepping out onto the stage.

If you are being interviewed you presumably are there because you want the job. The answers you give and the way you present them – even the way you appear on the day will all count, broadly speaking, absolutely and finally to whether you are successful in getting the offer.

There are numerous tips I will give in another post about how to improve your chances and calm the nerves, so that the person being interviewed is actually you and not the rabbit in the headlights.

I said earlier “be yourself” was two parts. This is the second and most important: YOU HAVE AN INTERVIEW! Why? Because the company is interested in your background, experience, achievements, knowledge and qualifications.

They have invited you to meet them to explore and confirm that which you have stated on your CV/resume and to see what sort of person you are. Will you fit into the team? Do your aspirations match their’s?

They need the right person and you need the right  opportunity . Don’t become what you think they are looking for.

As an example if you are not pushy and aggressive don’t try to be so because you think that’s what they are looking for; you will be found out and will, I assure you, appear strange and disconcerting. Humans have a knack for sniffing out that which doesn’t seem right.

At the end of the day the job/company is right for you or not. It will not benefit anyone, mostly yourself, if you sell yourself as someone else.

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