Getting your CV noticed

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In all honesty this is a misleading title. What it should really say is “getting your CV noticed for the wrong reasons”

Common mistakes and all leave the reader with a less than positive impression:


  • Plastic folders – irritating and thrown away immediately. Save yourself the cost both on stationery and postage. Perhaps not so relevant with emailed CV’s these days but I still get them.
  • Coloured paper – either by post or worse still by email where my printer has to turn white paper into another colour – gold was one recent example. The impression was not one of “oh how precious” just “will the ink cartridge last it out”.
  • Eccentric type faces – arial, times roman, calibri etc all fine. Gothic bold script might be cool for horror movie posters and copperplate for wedding invitations but not for your CV. Oh and black is best although the standard blue for hyperlinks is perfectly acceptable.
  • Font size – 10 to0 small 16 to0 big. 20 plus fonts to announce your name are unnecessary.
  • Pictures – a bone of contention this one as it is quite a common continental habit but again the printer has to work hard and in all honesty let ye be judged by the content within and not your appearance.
  • Front page – a simple blank piece of paper with the words CURRICULUM VITAE of Mr JOE BLOGGS is another piece of paper for the recycling bin. In fact does the word Resume or Curriculum Vitae need to appear anywhere on your document? I think most recruiters can work it out for themselves.
  • Last page – does it run to one single line of information or similar? If so edit the previous pages so it can fit.

These are the main mistakes – they are all covered by this question: can the reader easily and quickly print my document and access all the relevant information quickly and succinctly?


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