Integrated Search is an independent consultancy specialising in management, technical and rare skill recruitment in European and North American manufacturing, technology and engineering.

What do people think of your company? Is that accurate? Does it need improving?
Are you recruiting at the right level – do you even need to be recruiting at all?
Are your candidate requirements and remuneration expectations realistic?
How to find candidates? Advertising? Job boards? Social media? Direct approaches? All or some of these? 
Do your recruitment campaigns communicate the right messages?
Are you bringing the wrong candidates to interview?
What selection tools are you using? Are they appropriate?
Do you really get to know the person you are going to offer that job to? Will relocation be an issue?
How to make an offer and will it be accepted?
Will the successful candidate accept or possibly be tempted by a buy-back?

Some of these your company may be good at and others perhaps not so. We provide advice and support to any and all of these as needed.

Fundamentally there is one central philosophy – work honestly, openly and intelligently with the candidate and your company will benefit.


Recruiters might describe themselves as consultants but too often become commission driven sales people in the drive to hit their target. Candidates are not commodities however, and therefore the traditional percentage of salary based fee structure is the wrong kind of incentive. 

So, each project is based on a flat fee structure regardless of the salary. As a result our client advice and candidate guidance is objective. The end goal is not just the right candidate for the role but equally importantly the right move for the candidate.

The outcome of this paradigm shift is

  • better offer/acceptance ratios
  • improved retention
  • stronger appointments
  • and ultimately…
  • significantly reduced recruitment costs.

A candidate focussed contribution from working with the client and candidate that provides long lasting accurate appointments bringing considerable improvements in offer acceptance; candidate retention 


In the last 5 years 70% of our assignments have been UK based. Recent work has also been undertaken across the whole of Europe, USA and the Far East.

Website review

If your company website has a careers’ section:

  • What sort of job is it doing?
  • How many visitors does it get?
  • Is it selling the idea of a career with your company effectively?
  • Is it easy to navigate or is it actually putting candidates off?
  • Who updates it and how often and with what?

Let us work with your website to improve it as part of your recruitment process and enhance your reputation as an employer.