Stress in life is inevitable. The Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale lists 43 different stressful life occurrences ranging from death of a spouse to coping with Christmas!  Of these over a fifth are related to changes at work.

By working honestly, openly and in support of our clients’ candidates and their particular circumstances our view is that we better serve our clients and their needs.

Our fees are not job offer, acceptance or start generated and so advice is never subjective. What is more the advice is based on many years’ experience of both recruitment and outplacement. The latter has varied from individual support to whole factory closures.

The job search process is one of many components and our Knowledge Base contains useful and valued advice across the various processes involved including:

Putting together a CV and a covering letter – with examples of the good, the bad and the downright weird
Application forms – on and offline
Reading advertisements – properly!
Interviews and assessment centres  – plenty of do’s and don’ts and some that might surprise you!
Offers and buybacks and negotiations

Ultimately the job search process will be less stressful and more successful with our support.

To reiterate – treating candidates with the best practice ensures clients have the best outcomes.