CV’s – what is good and what is bad. The basics.

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Curriculum Vitae (plural Curricula Vitae) or CV for short; resume or personal details – whatever you might call this document – that summarises your skills, experience, education and training – has only once job – TO GET YOU AN INTERVIEW.

In the last 25 years I have read tens of thousands of these documents on behalf of clients and so can give a fairly reliable insight, I hope, as to what I want to see and what I find frustrating.

I will deal with make some suggestions on how you might tweak your CV to your further advantage still (achievements, overviews etc)  in another post, but this one is about the basics and a check list for you to review your own.

Some of this might seem, well, stating the obvious, but I assure you the obvious seems to escape many – including … Read More »